Magical Ljubljana

For a while I had a special interest for this city. It sounded so exotic for me… Maybe because I had trouble pronouncing the name, maybe because magic exist here after all.

I arrived to Ljubljana from Trieste (click here to read the itinerary of train travel).This is the bigger city in Slovenia and also the Capital. The currency is Euro. Ljubljana is not an expensive city and compared with Rome… it is on the mild side.

The first impression I had of Ljubljana was that it seemed that Salzburg and Prague had had a baby, that baby was this loving city. It was right after christmas but everything was still dressed for the party.



Live music at the Triple Bridge at the main square


Cerkev Marijinega oznanjenja Church in Ljubljana

The city center, or old town, by the Ljubljanica canal has a mixed of: medieval streets, dragons, and an impotent (and pink) church head of the square that offers amazing street life. All of that is reign by the Castle over the hill.


You can get to the castle on foot or by a cable cart (which also offers panoramic views of the city). I picked the “im too lazy after lunch” way: ascended with the cart (cost 2.20 Euros one way only) and went back down walking.

Up in the castle you can walk around, grab a coffee at the privileged-view coffee shop in the castle courtyard, get some amazing photos of Ljubljana and take a nice walk down to the city center, be aware that you may encounter incredible views on your way down. Have your camera prepared!



The center is packed with typical Slovenian restaurants and bohemian cafes, sushi places, artisanal shops and farmer markets. This is Ljubljana, a pot of magical mix.


Life in Ljubljana is dynamic and beautiful. A traveler’s dream.



After a quick nap at the hostel I went back out and found a whole new scene. Christmas lights on…Kebaps and sausages, sauerkraut and hot wine. The main square filled with music and lights with views of a lighted up castle over the hill that made it all even more magical if possible.


Falafel of my heart ❤


Dragons and Magic are real in Ljubljana


Dragon’s Bridge


Dragon’s Bridge

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