It is real. It is an illness. Is the travel bug

It is a sickness… But only the most privilege ones in the world have it.

It is painful mainly on an emotional level. It is unstoppable. It reaches people worldwide. There are no vaccines for it nor prevention… except stop following your heart and dreams, But is that even living?


So many of us look for and want this sickness. We crave for it. But when it finally hits us we hardly recognize ourselves anymore. We look with a bit of nostalgia those who are still safe, those who may never get this sickness. And even to your old self before getting the bug. How simple (and absolutely pointless) was life back then…


But we got the bug because we wanted it, so bad. And somehow we still want it. We deal with it. Because that is what our heart is craving badly.

There is no way back, this bug gets to you deeply in your intrinsic system. It becomes part of your DNA. And will never leave you alone. Ever. No matter what you do, no matter if you keep giving in and do whatever it tells you… No matter how many flight tickets you get, the bug stills craving for more.


It is the travel bug. It is the addiction to travel. It is the most difficult sickness to stop, because nothing would make you want to go back to an ordinary life.

We can’t be the 9-5 person anymore. No matter how much we try. We feel pressured by any commitment… like signing a renting contract for a year, because God knows how long one year is. We compare the prices every single thing we buy to flight tickets (“Oh these shoes I most definitely need cost 60 Euros, that is like 3 round trips to Bulgaria- no I’m just going to keep wearing my old sandals this winter”).


We try to fight it at first, to deny the illness. And we start thinking to ourselves “Ok, once I take these 3 more trips I will be in peace for a while” NO! THERE IS NO PEACE FOR US. No matter how many trips are in your mental list! They will never end, that list is eternal. No matter if you settle down in the city of your dreams, trust me I did it, still… that bug will never leave you alone.


So what do we do about it? Our “normal” friends can’t understand. Our employer most definitely won’t understand why you want to work one week a month and travel the rest, and your landlord won’t accept to keep your room available while you travel without paying rent because oh… we cant afford two lives.

But most of all… You won’t be able to look at yourself in the mirror and don’t feel ashamed for wanting to go back to be conventional. Because baby… you are not.

It takes so much courage, it takes the biggest balls in the world to just accept the fact that we are not made for the standard way of life anymore.

This illness could be the best thing that can happen to you, to realize this big true about yourself, but it is also the scariest thing. Not to be able to live the conventional life makes things harder, chaotic and ridiculously magical.

But this is the life you were given…”You are meant to, go out and get her”.


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