Picture Perfect Brugge

There is so much to say about this gorgeous, medieval town in Brussels. But I believe the best way to tell you about it is to let her speak for herself. 

So here are some pictures of my trip to Brugge in February

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Brugge is a very touristy city. Who can blame them? It’s really charming… AND the World Capital of Chocolate.


I read before arriving that in the 1800’s the people from the city decided to hire architects to give their hometown a “revival” of the medieval buildings to attract more tourism. Well they surely succeeded in this task. The city receives hoards of tourists every day. This can get crowded in summer but during winter (when I visited it) it was bearable.

Brugge was gray that day, but it didn’t make me feel sad. To the contrary it gives the town a mysterious atmosphere and makes it even more magical.


After a few long circles around the Old Town I started thinking about lunch but I had a hard time finding a place since everything seemed too expensive, or too touristy or too not-Belgian.


I started to give up and head to the burgers and fries stand in the main square when I saw it like a devine apparition: a local, small and cozy fantastic Soup and Sandwiches place. Run by two sweet Belgian girls who cook, serve and smile at you while doing all this. I had a lentil soup and a eggplant hot panini. It was perfect. The lunch deal also included bread and fruit, and it was less than 10 Euros. A real gem.


How to get there?

If you are in Brussels on a weekend and want to visit Brugge buy the Weekend return ticket at Brussels train stations. The ride is about 1 hour.

It cost about 15 Euros (Feb 2017) and is a round trip to and from Brussels, it can be used from Friday at 7pm to Sunday at 7PM. So if you want to spend a night or two in Brugge you can come back on Sunday with with ticket to Brussels, or you can go for a day trip like I did.

Have your camera ready because Brugge is Picture Perfect! 


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