Laid back and Exciting Amsterdam

Amsterdam was chosen as the Millennial’s #1 city. The moment you step on Amsterdam you feel the great vibe of this city. Either face you are looking at… the freaky-party side or the relaxed-chill one, you will be taken away.


Amsterdam Central Station

I arrived for the second time to the Netherlands with a heart full of excitement. The Flixbus left me at Sloterdijk Station and I took the train to Amsterdam Central. The ride is 10 minutes and it cost 2.90 Euros (Public Transport info at the end of the post).

Amsterdam Central is the entrance door to the city, everything starts from here. If you walk straight from the Station you will find Dam Square, the main square in Amsterdam and center of the city life. Most of the walking tours gather here.


The city is organized in “rings” around the Station. And the “rings” are the canals.

There are two faces of Amsterdam. Is the party city for some, and the chill capital of one of the most modern and developed countries in Europe for others.


The party and exciting side

The Red light District and the Cannabis movement 


Marihuana is not penalized, and prostitutions is a legal job. The city center is filled with coffee shops and Cannabis Stores as well as ladies offering personal services. Of course this is one of the main tourist attractions of the city. Weather you are a curious tourist or a bachelor’s party member, always be respectful.

*For the ones that are new to the concept, as I was, these Coffee Shops are not for actual coffee, but for smoking all the weed you like and chill.


Culture and Museums



One of the most famous tourist sites is Anne Frank House, I haven’t been inside because the line outside scares me but it is on my list of things to do next time in the city.


The Museum of Van Gogh is one of the most of (and best) Museums in Amsterdam. It is by the IAmsterdam Sign and near of Vondelpark, another great point for relaxing, picnic and sunlight.

There is an Amsterdam Card, which allows you to enter different Museums and gives you discounts at different touristic activities and spots.



The chill and relaxing side


The Parks

The city is full of parks and green spaces. There are beautiful spaces to relax from the crowded city center. The bigger ones are Vondelpark and Oosterpark.



The food

You can find all kinds and types of food in this Cosmopolitan city! (Specially Argentine restaurants invading the city center). Since there is no traditional Dutch food per se, the city offers a wide range of different international restaurants. The whole world meets in  Amsterdam when it comes to food.


Bikes, bikes and more bikes!

The city is full, actually… it is flooded with bikes. In fact, you have to watch for bikes more than you watch for cars. The whole city has bike lanes and you must respect them (for your own safety!). Bikes are the main way of travel in Holland, giving the city an environmental friendly vibe and a healthy life style for its residents.



Public transportation covers the city, tram, bus and metro. The cost per 1 hour ride per person is 2.90 Euros, and it allows for changes within that hour. For more info on Public Transport Cards and discounts check this page here.


Either for party or chilling, for fun or relaxing, Amsterdam will stay in your heart and memory forever.



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