Western Germany Love: Düsseldorf and Cologne

I just love Germany. I admire it so much. This country went through the most devastating wars -twice-. Destroyed in both of those wars and risen from the ashes, becoming the strongest economy and political power in Europe. The green is greener in Germany. 

I just love this country. Did I mention it?

This is my first time to the Western part of Germany. I was in Bavaria twice before and I was captivated by its beauty (and food. Specially the food), but Germany keeps taking me away every time I visit.

The green in Germany is greener. The air is fresher. The bread and the beer are the tastiest. Well, how can you not love it?


A common stop for their big International Airport. But it is also a lively city that is worth checking out.


A passed-by, industrial city that has a beautiful side worth exploring. I have the feeling this city is underestimated, but it has a lot to offer.

I stayed near the city center and I was surprised by the busy and the gorgeous old town. On Sundays people gather by the Rhine and there are tons of food stands and -of course- beer stands.


I grabbed a Gyro (with whom I fell in love with), a frozen yogurt right after and walked by the river. A perfect Sunny Sunday afternoon.


Düsseldorf also has a lot of parks and lakes. It was for me a great precious thing coming from the frenetic Italian Capital. I very much enjoyed the quiet and the fresh air.



On the other hand, Cologne is world-known. And it is not only because of its beauty (which is impressive as the Cathedral) but also because of its people. They love their city so much and boast about it so much that you can’t help but to admire it, even if is not the most beautiful city in Germany (of course locals would highly disagree). Actually there are more songs about Cologne than about New York.



From the top of the Cathedral



The Overwhelming Giant

Cologne is such a chill and laid back city, with a young and dynamic environment.

There is Love in Cologne, fun and outdoors life. And there is a lot of beer and soccer fans.




Love in Cologne

Being immerse in this proud city, full of happy people, living and loving life, you have no option but to fall in love yourself.


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