My last Roman day

::Like everything else in life, it started with a decision. I wanted Rome. And somehow, I guess, Rome wanted me.

When I was a little girl in Argentina I had a big map on my bedroom wall, I would spend hours imagining my never-ending itinerary: travel is my passion. But there was always one center on my map, one single place that called me the most: Rome. 

I always felt fascinated by its ancient culture, Julius Caesar, Augustus, the narrow alleys I imagined for so long. And most of all: The Fountain. 




Amazing Carbonara at Otello

Like many of you I was scared to take the step and move here. But I do not chose to live by fear, I let it be the driving force to get the courage to do what I love. 

And I chose Rome. Although I believe she chose me first. And our love will last forever, but I have to move on, andare avanti, for my own sake and future.


As I walk my city one last time I see some kids playing calcio and hitting a man on the back. I see this man turning around with a smile and kicking the ball back to the kids so they can keep on playing, laughing out loud.

That is the image of Rome I’m keeping in my heart. 

I walked today as I did a year ago, when I first arrived, with my camera on my hands and a big smile on my face.

I am not leaving Rome. She is coming. Because she has always been part of me. 


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