Shine your strongest light

Shine from within. Shine so strong that when you leave there is star light left behind. That when you are not present something is missing.

Hold on to your center. Your essence. No matter the outside situation. You hold on to your center and yourself no matter what. That is your biggest power. External situations can’t shape you. Only your thoughts can.

Feel your feelings. Feel them completely. To the extend of your capacity. That is being alive. Suffering and emptiness are also part of life. Laugh and hunger. Old stories and books and movies. Madness and disequilibrium, all that is life. To be alive.

Feel everything even the feelings you don’t enjoy. They are yours. But they don’t make you who you are.

You are here and now for a reason. If you don’t know which one is yet keep searching. The answer will get to you when you are ready. Clues are in doing what you love.

Take care of yourself. Specially when you are not feeling balanced. Hold on to yourself like you would do with your best friend. Your inner strength is the strongest force on earth. You can overcome anything. Because Something Good is just about to happen.


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