The only weights I carry are my backpack and my camera

We shine when we do what we love. 

I saw the world as a huge pot of knowledge and things to see. My biggest fear is to die before seeing the entire world. I wanted to travel and see, learn, know, explore, get lost, find myself. Find others, find the exotic, strange or different, and find the similarities among all of us. 


If you haven’t find what you love, you must find it. It is waiting for you.

Like every other big desire, it burns inside of you. You wake up every day with that burning feeling of wanting it NOW. 


When you are born with this mission, this mission to discover the world, You are in a search your whole life. There is no such thing like “when I finish traveling” or “After that trip I will settle down”. It is your calling, your motto: You live for travel. You travel to feel alive.

Traveling alone is the most liberating thing. The only weights I carry are my backpack and my camera.


There is always that unfriendly acquaintance called fear but the truth is, the fear can come with you or not you decide that. 


*Set your priorities right

*Put yourself on top of all those. Because you cant give your best to your love ones if you don’t have yourself first.

*Embrace changes like what they really are: Part of life.

*Life without changes wouldn’t be life.

*Faith not only moves mountains, it also moves us.

*Find your lost balance

*Integrate your dark side. Accept it and embrace it to enlighten it

*Work on your dream. No more excuses.

So you can  –> Move forward lighter.


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