Scandinavian Colors: Denmark and Sweden in a weekend

Train travel from Amsterdam to Scandinavia




If there is one thing I love to do in life is to travel. Even more, to travel by train. I know it can take way longer than flying, and sometimes even more expensive. But that is not the point. My point is to see as much as possible of new places, landscapes, houses, green and sky. The same goes for buses, but nothing beats a good old train.

I left Amsterdam on a bus headed to Hamburg early in the morning. I arrived there in the afternoon and took my wonderful train into Copenhagen.

Now this is where it gets even more amazing: In order to cross to Denmark, the train must get into a ferry and then cross the Baltic Sea through the Fehmarn Belt from Puttgarden, Germany to Rødbyhavn in Denmark. It then keeps going up to Copenhagen.

*This is one of the only places in the world where trains still go into ferries to cross over water. Another option is when going to Sicily through Mesina (Read about Sicily here). I was lucky enough to have done both.

I arrived to the Danish Capital at 10PM. Stayed at this beautiful hostel nor far from the station and went to sleep with a smile on my face: I WAS IN SCANDINAVIA!!!

  • Things to see in Copenhagen:

My #1 is Tivoli park

In the middle of Copenhagen, right behind the central station you will find the most beautiful amusement park! This was the inspiration for Disney parks when Walt himself visited and was enchanted by the happiness of this place.




In fact Danish are some of the most happy people in the world. Their now famous hygge of finding coziness in everyday life, and their most fresh air (Copenhagen to be the first CO2 Free city in the world soon), and their delicious beer and the best coffee in the world. Yeah… I kinda fell in love with it right away.

I keep experiencing at every city and country I visit, that they have an unique energy. It is not related to their beauty, buildings, architectural  gorgeousness, it is beyond all that. It is its energy. And indeed me and Copenhagen got along as soon as we met each other.


From Central Station direction NE  

  • Dragon’s fountain: Most free walking tour depart from here (Usually at 11hs and 14hs. Check the current times here)


  • Historic center


  • Strøget: Central point in the Historic center, also epicenter of Shopping


  • Christiansborg Palace: In its own little island, next to the Royal Library and the Jewish Musem. Easy walk from the Historic Center.




  • Det Kongelige Bibliotek (The Royal Library)


  • Nyhavn: Most colorful street of Copenhagen, hip and full of bars and restaurants.


  • Fredericks Church: Lutheran Church from the 18th-century with the largest dome in Scandinavia


  • The little mermaid sculpture


  • Kastellet:  17th-century fortress


  • Nyboder: Old military barracks made a colorful neighbor


  • Kongens Have (The King’s Garden)


Things to try in Denmark:

#1 COFFEE: Danish people are proud of having the BEST coffee in the world. And they are RIGHT. (Note that I am not betraying my Italian inherency, Italy does has the first place when it comes to espresso).

#2 Danish cookies and all sort of pastries

#3 Beer


From Denmark I took a train up to Sweden to visit a childhood friend ❤



The train this time crosses a bridge into Malmö, the coastal city of Southern Sweden. I had the most beautiful days with my friend in her hometown Linköping. The nature and simple but extremely cozy kinda life won me over in second.


I also visited Linköping University (one of the biggest in Sweden, and the reason because this is a student city), and the sustainable neighborhood that is developing here.


As an Environmental Governance and International Relations Student I was impressed by the advancement of this society when it comes to sustainability. I live in a Northern European Country, coming from South America (with a chunk of my life lived in the big daddy USA). I also lived in a Southern European Country, and I was already aware of the consciousness toward the environment in Europe, compared to my home country. But in Scandinavia sustainability takes another level. Here the future is being created. Sustainability is the future, and Scandinavia is the first to live it.


After this memorable visit to Linköping I kept making my way up, to the northern most I have ever been in my life.

Now… I said I fell for Copenhagen but, for Stockholm I lost my mind. 


This is a city that vibes with such a rhythm that cannot be compared. Its fresh air, its colorful Northern sky. The coffee shops, the coziness, the modernity and latest fashion. Everything in Stockholm screams STYLE!

I walked around the Gamla Stan (Old town) for hours until dark. It is when you have that special connection with somebody, the time just flies when you are with them. And when you leave you feel that emptiness. You are missing something, you are missing from them.

The colors of Sweden had blew me away. I couldn’t stop starring as the fall displayed this hidden shades of a Northern-most autumn.

What to see in Sweden:

  • Gamla StanIMG_2883
  • PortIMG_2901
  • Get lost in the old townIMG_2874IMG_2852
  • Royal Palace



What to eat in Sweden:

  • Pastries -> ALL OF THEM: Princess cake -Cupcake size-, Cinnamon Rolls
  • Smoked Salmon
  • Fondue (Better if shared with you childhood friend)
  • Beer: Don’t forget to look in the eyes of the people who toast with you while you drink! 😉


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