The truths I live by

1- Everything that exists, has a right to exists.

2- Be happy for other people’s achievements. Nobody is taking anything from you.

3-Does it has a solution? Then is not a problem. It doesn’t? Then is not a problem.

4- Stop trying. Surrender (Richard from Texas – Eat, Pray, Love).

5-God has put you a human being in charge, and that is you. You must make yourself happy (Facundo Cabral).

6-Love him? Miss him? Send him some love and light every time you think of him, then drop it!  (Richard from Texas – Eat, Pray, Love).

7- A bomb makes more noise than a caress. But for each bomb that is dropped, there are million of caresses that feed life (Facundo Cabral).

8-Not even the honorable love is an honorable motive to loose it its name the honorable freedom (Facundo Cabral).

9-If you can’t master your thoughts, then you are in trouble forever (Richard from Texas – Eat, Pray, Love).

10- Can you feel your own presence? This too, shall pass (Eckhart Tolle).

11- The only existence future actually has in as a thought in your mind (Eckhart Tolle).

12- Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours (Jesus).

13- Nothing happens that is not meant to happen. Nothing happens that is not part of the greater whole and its purpose (Eckhart Tolle).

14- It was the human condition: The answer that mattered never came easily (Stephen King).

15- Opening yourself to the emerging consciousness and bringing this light into this world then becomes the primary purpose of your life (Eckhart Tolle).

16- Don’t push the river. It will travel at its own speed anyway ( Brian L. Weiss).

17- Sometimes, soulmates may meet, stay together until a task or life lesson is completed, and then move on. This is not a tragedy, only a matter of learning (Brian L. Weiss).

18- All is love…All is love. With love comes understanding. With understanding comes patience. And then time stops. And everything is now (Brian L. Weiss).

19- Ka like the wind (Roland of Gilead).


… And that is the truth.

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