Making Peace with Rome

Making peace with Rome is coming to terms with myself. 

Making peace with the parts I don’t like about Rome, or the parts I don’t think they are right. Like all the trash on the streets. the beggars, the pickpockets and even the rats. All this chaotic mess, which is part of the unique beauty she is.

Just as me, Rome is a melting pot of noise, passion, stormy past, and unconventional beauty. The pieces of Roman ruins throughout the city are like the pieces of my past, they, combined, make me who I am today.  All the ego, the sensibility, the audacity, the attitude, the sarcasm, the acidity and the cockiness, compassion and faithfulness, all that form who I am.

For so long I had troubles loving me, accepting me. And intense as she is, Rome brought out on me so much of my imperfections. Maybe that is why I had to run leave, I couldn’t deal with that side of me, of Rome.

This time I came back wholly, fully into senses, with an open heart and no expectations. Accepting Rome and myself. Tasting that gelato, smelling that flowery air of early summer. Taking conscious steps on the cobbled streets, and dancing to the music of Rome’s heartbeat.

And what happened? Everything changed.

I feel I would be so happy the rest of my life if I can stay here. Stop time and just stay here. Watch the water fall from Fontana Di Trevi, eat a Roman gelato every day, smell that sweet aroma of flowers in blossom, which is everywhere. Everything still so chaotic, yet is so perfect.

This is Rome, it has been here for so long, waiting, watching people come and go, saw emperors in its splendor, hoards of tourists, spilled cafes, flour from pizza making, birds and cats, it all merge in Rome. And she just watches, let herself be admired. She doesn’t have to ‘do’ anything to be loved, she just has to be.

Rome doesn’t try to fit, to be perfect, or to be liked, Rome just is. She just shines. with a light so strong, that only few lucky ones can truly see it.

I made peace with Rome, because I love her. I am in peace with myself because I love me.IMG_1320

3 thoughts on “Making Peace with Rome

  1. apollard says:

    As with all places, she is a wonderful mix of the good, the bad, and the ugly – just like all of us 🙂 The only thing is, like you say, she is also the most wonderful city in the world for history, arts and culture. This helps me overlook a multitude of sins.

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