Journal of a Journey: Day … What day it is?

Morocco means where the sun sets. America to the West, Asia to the East, the rest of Africa to the South and Europe in the North. Morocco is the center of the world. Morocco is the center of life.

Time seems so blurry when you are taking a break. I am taking a break from everything.

I came to Morocco with a mind full of issues, worries, doubts, questions, concerns. A mind full of a year that has been stormy.

But when I arrived, to this beautiful chaos, to this country of sensations, my mind took a break. I no longer remember my worries because I this environment requires me to be present. The moment I lose touch with the present I can get hit by a  carrying donkey. Or a motorcycle, or a stampede of people wanting to get through. The moment I lose consciousness of the now I could miss out the smell of fresh msemen (my favorite Moroccan bread), or the sight of the open air butcher.

I would miss out in life. 

And that is what this place does to me. It brings me back to the now. To the present.

I am so grateful for the way this year has started. My heart over-floods with gratefulness to the point that expands to last year. To all the struggle and lessons. And I am also grateful for all of that. Because all that brought me here, today, to the present.

This year holds a lot of blessings for this and the years to come. And I wish with all my heart that every one of you, reading this or not, be touch by those blessings. And that we all as humanity find the path into wellbeing. Not only ours but the wellbeing of all that surround us and the planet that so lovingly hold us all.

From Africa, where humanity began, I wish you a Happy New Year of Hope, Peace and Love. 


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