Journal of a Journey: My call

I always knew what I wanted. As many of you, I wanted to change the world. Nothing else, nothing more. With time, of course, I realized it was not such an easy task. That the world as a whole cannot be changed, it can only be understood. With time I also learned what I really, really wanted is for every child in the world to have the same, or better, opportunities as I did.

Of course this is an ambitious goal, maybe a bit too ambitious. But I tend to aim high.

With time I got to understand an elemental true. I may not be able to change the world, but if I could change a single child’s perspective of his or her future, I have changed the world for that child. 

We are part of a chain, everything we do, EVERYTHING, leads to subsequent events of which we are absolutely  unaware of.   That is how intrinsically related we all are. If you can make a child believe in his or her dreams, you have changed the world already.

The call started years ago in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

I was going to work to the Capital city and have to take a bus, a train and two lines of subways to get there. On the way I crossed path every day with groups of children. Street Children. Abandoned, forgotten. No shoes, but dirt in their feet. Sad eyes, and rags as clothes.

We all seen them once in a while. And I am sure we all felt bad. But for me, this touched my inner fibers. I could not stand to live like that.

I wasn’t raised in a rich family. My mother was cleaning other people’s houses to support me once my father left. But I always had everything I needed. I was studying, and working, and I have food and a home to go back to every day. But they didn’t. And I thought that was the most unfair things I have ever experienced in my life.

I NEEDED to respond. But I was too young, and life twisted and turned and I ended up leaving my country at a very young age. I lived in the US where I never had to directly confront that hard reality of children. Although there are an amazing number of homeless people in the Land of the Free, Home of the Brave, I never seen children.

I got my degree in the US and then Life turned again and I brought me to Europe. I was still being blessed, and life was giving me yet another chance to do what I love the most: travel.

I am getting my graduate education in Europe, and had the opportunity to travel. I lived all the pleasures life can give you. Yet, they were still walking the subways as forgotten souls, at least in my mind. I never forgot some faces.

But it wasn’t util I started settling down that I didn’t answer the call. It was my destiny, telling me what to do.

So this time I turned my life around and changed careers, because I believe the man that works in something that doesn’t love, even if he gets paid, it is still unemployed.

I decided to do what I love, to hear my heart. Which always shows me the right way, it may not be the easiest one (a cliche I know), but it is the right one. And we all have a different one, that is what I want for you all, to find and follow your path. No matter how impossible it may seem. It is you and only you who determine what is possible or not.

I started my degree in Humanitarian studies and development. And I never felt so exhausted and satisfied with my studies ever before. When I am struggling to finish my papers, or to re-do them once again, I focus on my goal. I remember those children I met in Buenos Aires, who may be adults by now and I wish they have a good life.

My goal is to help every child in the world to believe in themselves. Every child deserves opportunities , and I will dedicate my life to that. It doesn’t matter my reach, or how many I can help.

I believe in the power of one, if I can only help one child to believe in her or himself, then I have changed the world.

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