Journal of a Journey: A new beginning

Hello again, my dearest and faithful blog. I know, it has been a long time. At least for me, and I missed you.

Here I am, still since our last time, seating at a bar in Pigneto. A very distinctive and edgy Roman neighborhood. And again, here I am trying to decide my future, or at least to see it clearly. Because sometimes I believe our destiny is decided beforehand. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in free will, and if someone always fought to change it, it is me. With time though, I learned my mistake was exactly that: to fight. We cannot fight against what is meant for us, we are not in control of certain things. Actually, of most things. The only thing we are in control of, I learned, is our own thoughts, actions and beliefs. And even those, if we are not careful, are easily influenced by the external.

Well, here I am, had a coffee and hearing 70s music at my new favorite spot for wifi.

And even if it looks exactly the same it did months ago, when I sat not too far from here, wondering what to do with my life…. everything changed. Isn’t it how life is? we constantly move and change. The only stillness can be within us. When we are truth to ourselves and our convictions. To who we are.

I like to believe I am truth to my nature, and to who I am. I can see clearly, I know my objectives and goals as I know the back of my hand. the path to get there, that is not my business. The how, the when, who and which will reveal itself. All I have to do, is to continue to be faithful to what my heart wants. To my call.

Even if no one else understands it, or believe you are wrong, we are meant to follow that path. Sometimes a blind path, a scary and difficult one, but ours only. The call won’t stop, it will awake you in the middle of the night, it will follow anywhere you go. Until you answer.

Truth yourself.

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