Give a child an opportunity and you have changed the world

In the last few years I realized I must work in what contributes to my personal sense of purpose and meaning.  I feel a responsibility, as a fellow human, to help others and that is what I am dedicating my life to. It has always been in my heart, why was I so confused? we just need to stop and listen to yourself. Although, it is harder than it sounds and we must deal with the many precepts of our family and society.

I believe that we have so much power to change our lives and the lives of others: We are a catalyst for change. Yeah I am a big picture person, but we must take conscious of our greatest power of changing not only our reality but the whole world.

I believe that if you give a child an opportunity and help them trust themselves, then you have changed the world. Because you don’t know what that child will achieve and the impact she or he will have.

I want all the children in the world to believe in themselves and in their dreams, to have the opportunities I had. I want to give them a future.

I just spent an hour reading and looking pictures of the crises in Somalia and South Sudan. And you know, whatever I do and go… I will always have that call. I can’t turn my back to it, I can’t escape that need to do something about it. No matter how much you try to ignore it with daily life. It is there and will always be there until you answer. 

I want to learn. I want to see and I want to understand. And in those places, where people have nothing, they understand everything about life.

And because I cannot live my life knowing my fellow humans are out there living in marginality, this is my path. God dwells within me, and in His name I am a tool of his love and compassion to my brothers and sisters. My only reason is Love.

That is my call. What’s yours?

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