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Hi 🙂 I’m Victoria.

I started this blog because I wanted to inspire people to be happy doing what they Love. I am in a constant search to discover what else is there to life. My biggest desire is to see the whole world, every place, culture and people on earth.

I was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in the core of an Italian family. At the age of 22 I made the big decision of moving to the US, alone.

In 2014 while I was close to finish my studies and while I was getting promoted at work, a car hit me while riding my bike. I didn’t see that coming. I spent 6 months in recovery in New Orleans, with my family over 6 thousand kilometers away. 

Those hard times made me realize my own strength.

I felt that if I could overcome that challenge life was offering me, other people could achieve whatever they set their mind into. 

Once I was able to walk again I sold all my belongings, quit my job, and bought a one way ticket to London.  I left my security behind, my regular paycheck, my 401K, the comfortable life I built brick by brick. I freed myself to finally pursue my biggest dream: Travel the world. 

My blog has two sections: 

 “Miles” is where I share travel tips, itineraries, advices and more from my own experience as a solo traveler.

“Smiles” where I write motivational posts from a humble place of experience and self determination.

At the end life has one purpose only: To be happy. I want you to find what makes you the happiest person and I want you to live that life.  

I hope you can get some inspiration from my experiences, so you can too…

Find your passion.


Email me!

Thank you for reading 🙂


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