Making Peace with Rome

Making peace with Rome is coming to terms with myself.  Continue reading


Checklist for a long trip!

I’ve been planning trips since… forever? Back when I was in elementary school maps fascinated me. The world fascinated me, it always amazed me that at this same time there are people in another parts of the world having an absolutely different life, and we are all part of something bigger. I am In Love with travel, I am In Love with places I’ve never been. I want to see every single inch of earth available. I sat on my patio and looked at planes go by and wondered where they were coming from or who was in there.

I had a huge map on my bedroom wall and I could spend hours looking at it and planning where to go, I would create an itinerary in my mind.

If I ever met someone new and this person would tell me about the trips they did, I would ask every single thing about it and just been taken away. And still happens to me.

Travel is my life, my passion. Travel and writing are my vocation, and what I came to do to this world. 

For the past few years I’ve been having a somehow stable life, just taking short trips here and there. But the passion burns inside me, and every day that past, every new month and new year that begins and I’m still in the same place I feel I’m wasting my life if I don’t get to travel. I know is a bit extreme, but that is how I feel about traveling.

Now I graduated from college (again) and I’m at a point in my life where I feel I’m not where I want to be (emotionally and physically). I love New Orleans with passion, but I cant wait to get away from it. Or maybe I want to get away from myself here, from who I am being here.

That is the thing… we have the chance to become whatever we want to be when we get to a new place, but it seems that with time we fall back into our old behaviors and patrons and we start being unhappy again. And that taught me that no matter where I go… I will go with myself, and I have to resolve what I need to within me in order to move on (emotionally and physically).

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Time to let go

Time to let go. Take the step. Affront the risk. Listen to the call. You must take the step. Go forward. Fear not.

Accept your mistakes. Those are part of the learning process. Those where just rocks on the road, but they are not meant to be carry down the road with you. Let them be what they are, let them go.

See yourself as what you are, the center of the universe. Yes, you are the center of your universe. People come and go, situations arise and pass, nothing last forever. Not even the worst pain, nor the happiest moment.

Do not disconnect with your essence, that is where you will find yourself, and true happiness.

You can keep going, you can go through this. All that is part of your reality is there because is meant to. You are meant to go through all this, believe that there is a reason after every step you take in life. And at the same time you are choosing that path. Be your best friend, forgive yourself, accept yourself, your flaws and strengths. Love yourself more than anything. You, more than anybody else deserve all the love you freely give to others.

Merry Christmas!

ALWAYS chose your dreams

I had a great job offer a couple of weeks ago. It implied that I quit my dream to leave in a few months to travel the world. A dream I have since I can remember, since I’m a child and felt curious about other places.

I got to this crossroad. On one side my career, great payment, opportunity to apply what I have studied… On the other, the dream and reason of my life. What I’ve been looking forward to for years. Continue reading