What I have learned through meditation

I have been attending to a meditation course for the past month. I have learned -or reconfirmed- the power we hold within us.

We are so powerful, amazing beings, we can change the world. Because the world is whatever we make of it.

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Reconnect with yourself

Be in touch with your essence as much as you can. Remember who you are and find your inner motivation for life. There is something you came to do to this world. There is a reason and a motive for your life, maybe not only one but many. If you don’t know what is it yet, find it.

You were a child once, a child with dreams and fantasies, remember when you used to say: When I grow up I want to be (…)? Well now is the time, you should have full control of your life by now, if not… its time to get it back. Continue reading

What can you do today to start changing your life?

All big changes start with one single first step. You can create your own reality, and this is the whole truth. Your reality is how you perceive things that happen around you. All us live in the same world, with the same type of problems; But what is the difference between the people who always seem to have something to celebrate, and the people who no matter how much they have, still unhappy. Those people keep trying to find happiness where they wont find it: the exterior. Continue reading