Journal, a new beginning

Hello again, my dearest and faithful blog. I know, it has been a long time. At least for me, and I missed you.

Here I am, still since our last time, seating at a bar in Pigneto. A very distinctive and edgy Roman neighborhood. And again, here I am trying to decide my future, or at least to see it clearly. Because sometimes I believe our destiny is decided beforehand. Don’t get me wrong, I believe in free will, and if someone always fought to change it, it is me. With time though, I learned my mistake was exactly that: to fight. We cannot fight against what is meant for us, we are not in control of certain things. Actually, of most things. The only thing we are in control of, I learned, is our own thoughts, actions and beliefs. And even those, if we are not careful, are easily influenced by the external.

Well, here I am, had a coffee and hearing 70s music at my new favorite spot for wifi.

And even if it looks exactly the same it did months ago, when I sat not too far from here, wondering what to do with my life…. everything changed. Isn’t it how life is? we constantly move and change. The only stillness can be within us. When we are truth to ourselves and our convictions. To who we are.

I like to believe I am truth to my nature, and to who I am. I can see clearly, I know my objectives and goals as I know the back of my hand. the path to get there, that is not my business. The how, the when, who and which will reveal itself. All I have to do, is to continue to be faithful to what my heart wants. To my call.

Even if no one else understands it, or believe you are wrong, we are meant to follow that path. Sometimes a blind path, a scary and difficult one, but ours only. The call won’t stop, it will awake you in the middle of the night, it will follow anywhere you go. Until you answer.

Truth yourself.


Journal of a Journey: My call

I always knew what I wanted. As many of you, I wanted to change the world. Nothing else, nothing more. With time, of course, I realized it was not such an easy task. That the world as a whole cannot be changed, it can only be understood. With time I also learned what I really, really wanted is for every child in the world to have the same, or better, opportunities as I did.

Of course this is an ambitious goal, maybe a bit too ambitious. But I tend to aim high.

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Journal of a Journey: Day 3

In real time, I have been in Morocco for almost a week. But since time stops here it feels like much less. Although I am afraid time is passing by and I will have to leave eventually. I wish this time will never end, that I can wake up every day of my life in Marrakech and go buy freshly made warm msemen. Have a mint tea every evening while I watch the sun setting over Jemaa-El-Fna.

Today is Christmas Eve. And yes, I feel sad for not being at home with my family. But there is nowhere else in the world I could be but here.

This year has been particularly hard for me. At the same time, it has taught me so much about how strong and capable I am. It has also taught me that I have to let go of material stuff, because I have nothing at the moment and I feel so free. I also learned that my home is within me. That I feel stable and confident if I constantly move. I also remembered that love can change it all. I met so many people. Some of them I don’t ever want to cross path, others, I wish we can share the same path for the rest of this journey.

This year I have conquered the impossible. Worked full time and obtained two master’s degrees. All made possible because of the desire that drives me: to dedicate my life to those in need. To those children out there and, whom I believe, deserve the same opportunities I had, or better ones.

2019 is coming. With many new objectives, challenges, places to see and smiles to share. I can’t wait.

19 is my favorite number. 19 is Ka. Ka like the wind.

There will be water if God wills it (Stephen King).

Merry Christmas! 

With Love from Morocco ❤

Journal of a Journey: Day 2

Differences between Morocco and the rest of the world 🙂

  • In Morocco the motorbikes come to you from all sides and if you go with the flow they dodge you.
  • In Marrakech life happens outside, on the street, on the floor. Everything is outside.
  • In Marrakech a walk around the Medina is a whole adventure, where you don’t know what you can find
  • In Marrakech the food comes fresh to your door. This morning I saw a delivery of a pretty alive sheep to the door of a man who was observing it with care.
  • In Morocco the call for prayer is heard several times a day, no matter where you are. No matter how many tourists and how modern this country is. The religion is the backbone of this society, and an amazing part of Moroccan life.
  • The sun shines bright all year long.
  • The smells of the streets are a mix of meat, freshly cooked Msemen (the best bread in the world), dirt, donkeys and incense. It is all mixed in a wonderful atmosphere that triggers all senses.
  • People in Morocco talk a lot and smiles at you on the street. And no, not only for selling.
  • The sweetest smiles and politeness are found in the street of Medina Marrakech. Nothing can make me think the opposite.
  • In Morocco there is time for everything. People in Medina walk very slow. Take their time to be curious and to say hi to friends.
  • Msemen. Nothing to add.
  • The time that takes you to arrive from one point to the other in Medina depends on the amount of Donkeys you find on your way.
  • People wash their face from small water buckets on the street. Again. Everything happens on the street.
  • Everything is open until pass midnight. In fact, that is when most business are open.
  • Siesta time is respected from 13-17 approx. And I respect THAT.
  • Moroccan eyes don’t lie. Moroccan mouths on the other hand… 😉
  • In Morocco we fix stuff, not buy new ones all the time.
  • You are basically obligated to stop several times a day to have a mint tea.
  • A coffee is sipped not drank. It can take about one hour or two to finish one cup of espresso.
  • Moroccans can be the most faithful friends you can find. If they get to trust you.
  • Moroccans speak an average of 3 languages each. Which is amazing to me.
  • In Morocco there is always a way. No matter what you are looking for, they can find it. And sell it.
  • They will sell everything, if they don’t have it they make it.
  • It is an offense not to bargain. Always ask for Moroccan price 😉 If you are nice enough you will get away with a good price deal, and maybe a small souvenir as a present.
  • Kindness is for free.
  • If you ask for some chicken legs at the local traditional butcher you will get to see a chicken getting killed in front of your eyes. The freshest you will ever find.
  • Meat is hanging on the air and there is no smell.
  • Cats rule the city. Never seen a mouse.
  • There are almost none street dogs.
  • Look where you walk in Jema El-Fna. You may step on a snake.
  • There are small monkeys chained walking around with their owner as a tourist attraction. According to my Moroccan friend, the monkeys create a bond with the man that owns them and they trust them. So I felt less bad.
  • Donkeys pick up trash from the street in early morning.
  • Moroccan hand crafts are the most beautiful I have ever seen. Hand work is highly delicate and exquisite.
  • Most sellers will talk to you in French first, English second and Spanish finally. If you are not interested just smile and keep walking.
  • Many on the street will ask you where are you from. It is natural curiosity. The same way the Westerners feel curious about these culture and life styles, they feel the same way toward tourists. Be nice. If not interested in conversation just smile and keep walking.
  • Here if you touch, it will be hard not to buy.  Better just ‘look’ with the eyes 😉
  • Do not make the seller make you show everything if you are not interest in buying. That is just not polite, they have a strong selling culture here. And you must respect that.
  • Come to Morocco. It is unforgettable

God Bless Morocco and its beautiful people ❤

The road to Fulfillment

For the medieval imagination, places were charged with a positive sense of thickness, stability, and indivisibility. Space, by contrast, was nothing but the empty “in between,” something that only came into existence as the distance separating two places, two significant points of reference. – Ricardo Padron

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Journal of a Journey: The beginning

Talking to my friend last night I realized, once again and as every time I tell ‘my story’, how much had happened in the last 4 years. Specially in the last two. I know life is a constant change… But a life can really change 365 degrees in such a short period of time as 2 years? But maybe not 365, because that would take you back to where you started. And I am very far away from there. Not only physically, but mentally and above all emotionally.

Stop a minute. Think about how far you have travelled. Do not count in miles, but in experiences. In friends. In cities you have seen. In delicious plates you have eaten. In laughs or smiles. Those are what count in life.

Well here I am. 2 years after I left my settled life in New Orleans, that one I thought ‘the one’. My stable job. My nice apartment. I took a leap. I jump to the unknown. And here I am. Am I? or this is a whole different person? Yeah that’s it… We are are different from who we were two years ago. A year ago. Even last week. Constant Change. 

That leap drove me into discovering not only what I want to do with my life (what I really, really want ) but also to discover who I am. Even in constant change, my essence sort of thing, is still there. Growing and developing and discovering new parts every day.

As I sit by my window overlooking one of Amsterdam’s canals, in my favorite and most beautiful neighborhood this city has, I just feel grateful. Deeply grateful for every second I went through. For my accident, the broken heart, the hunger of my first years in the US, for the pain and fear, for the friends I’ve made, for the strength I got from it. For the mistakes and mistakes and mistakes. For all. For my braveness and courage to never give up and always, always try one more time to fulfill my destiny.

Cheers to new beginnings/ends… because aren’t they the same thing?