Journal of a Journey: Day 1

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The road to Fulfillment

For the medieval imagination, places were charged with a positive sense of thickness, stability, and indivisibility. Space, by contrast, was nothing but the empty “in between,” something that only came into existence as the distance separating two places, two significant points of reference. – Ricardo Padron

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Journal of a Journey: The beginning

Talking to my friend last night I realized, once again and as every time I tell ‘my story’, how much had happened in the last 4 years. Specially in the last two. I know life is a constant change… But a life can really change 365 degrees in such a short period of time as 2 years? But maybe not 365, because that would take you back to where you started. And I am very far away from there. Not only physically, but mentally and above all emotionally.

Stop a minute. Think about how far you have travelled. Do not count in miles, but in experiences. In friends. In cities you have seen. In delicious plates you have eaten. In laughs or smiles. Those are what count in life.

Well here I am. 2 years after I left my settled life in New Orleans, that one I thought ‘the one’. My stable job. My nice apartment. I took a leap. I jump to the unknown. And here I am. Am I? or this is a whole different person? Yeah that’s it… We are are different from who we were two years ago. A year ago. Even last week. Constant Change. 

That leap drove me into discovering not only what I want to do with my life (what I really, really want ) but also to discover who I am. Even in constant change, my essence sort of thing, is still there. Growing and developing and discovering new parts every day.

As I sit by my window overlooking one of Amsterdam’s canals, in my favorite and most beautiful neighborhood this city has, I just feel grateful. Deeply grateful for every second I went through. For my accident, the broken heart, the hunger of my first years in the US, for the pain and fear, for the friends I’ve made, for the strength I got from it. For the mistakes and mistakes and mistakes. For all. For my braveness and courage to never give up and always, always try one more time to fulfill my destiny.

Cheers to new beginnings/ends… because aren’t they the same thing? 

The truths I live by

1- Everything that exists, has a right to exists.

2- Be happy for other people’s achievements. Nobody is taking anything from you.

3-Does it has a solution? Then is not a problem. It doesn’t? Then is not a problem.

4- Stop trying. Surrender (Richard from Texas – Eat, Pray, Love).

5-God has put you a human being in charge, and that is you. You must make yourself happy (Facundo Cabral).

6-Love him? Miss him? Send him some love and light every time you think of him, then drop it!  (Richard from Texas – Eat, Pray, Love).

7- A bomb makes more noise than a caress. But for each bomb that is dropped, there are million of caresses that feed life (Facundo Cabral).

8-Not even the honorable love is an honorable motive to loose it its name the honorable freedom (Facundo Cabral).

9-If you can’t master your thoughts, then you are in trouble forever (Richard from Texas – Eat, Pray, Love).

10- Can you feel your own presence? This too, shall pass (Eckhart Tolle).

11- The only existence future actually has in as a thought in your mind (Eckhart Tolle).

12- Whatever you ask in prayer, believe that you have received it and it will be yours (Jesus).

13- Nothing happens that is not meant to happen. Nothing happens that is not part of the greater whole and its purpose (Eckhart Tolle).

14- It was the human condition: The answer that mattered never came easily (Stephen King).

15- Opening yourself to the emerging consciousness and bringing this light into this world then becomes the primary purpose of your life (Eckhart Tolle).

16- Don’t push the river. It will travel at its own speed anyway ( Brian L. Weiss).

17- Sometimes, soulmates may meet, stay together until a task or life lesson is completed, and then move on. This is not a tragedy, only a matter of learning (Brian L. Weiss).

18- All is love…All is love. With love comes understanding. With understanding comes patience. And then time stops. And everything is now (Brian L. Weiss).

19- Ka like the wind (Roland of Gilead).


… And that is the truth.