How did I learn to be so strong

A few days ago a friend of mine told me that I was a strong woman.

After summarizing all what I’ve been through the past 5 years living alone in the US, getting over very bad situations, an accident, heartbreaks, the exhausting process to get my citizenship, lawsuit, countless changes of jobs, and I still managed to get my second degree in Hospitality. Continue reading

When enough is enough

Many times during our lives we will get to a crossroad. We either stay the way we are, keep doing what we have been doing, dreaming about what we could be if we dared to take that step… or we move forward into the unknown.  Continue reading

Time to let go

Time to let go. Take the step. Affront the risk. Listen to the call. You must take the step. Go forward. Fear not.

Accept your mistakes. Those are part of the learning process. Those where just rocks on the road, but they are not meant to be carry down the road with you. Let them be what they are, let them go.

See yourself as what you are, the center of the universe. Yes, you are the center of your universe. People come and go, situations arise and pass, nothing last forever. Not even the worst pain, nor the happiest moment.

Do not disconnect with your essence, that is where you will find yourself, and true happiness.

You can keep going, you can go through this. All that is part of your reality is there because is meant to. You are meant to go through all this, believe that there is a reason after every step you take in life. And at the same time you are choosing that path. Be your best friend, forgive yourself, accept yourself, your flaws and strengths. Love yourself more than anything. You, more than anybody else deserve all the love you freely give to others.

Merry Christmas!

ALWAYS chose your dreams

I had a great job offer a couple of weeks ago. It implied that I quit my dream to leave in a few months to travel the world. A dream I have since I can remember, since I’m a child and felt curious about other places.

I got to this crossroad. On one side my career, great payment, opportunity to apply what I have studied… On the other, the dream and reason of my life. What I’ve been looking forward to for years. Continue reading

Reconnect with yourself

Be in touch with your essence as much as you can. Remember who you are and find your inner motivation for life. There is something you came to do to this world. There is a reason and a motive for your life, maybe not only one but many. If you don’t know what is it yet, find it.

You were a child once, a child with dreams and fantasies, remember when you used to say: When I grow up I want to be (…)? Well now is the time, you should have full control of your life by now, if not… its time to get it back. Continue reading