What to do when you dont know what to do

No. The answer this time is not wine.

Sometimes, or many we come to a crossroad. We feel trapped, we want a change but do not know where to start.

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How to change your reality?

What it takes to change your life ? Your choices and decisions. Nothing else.

I have taken control of my life. I realized I could, that all the obstacles that held me back were self inducted. I learned that I am really free, that nothing else matter in this life but my own happiness.  Continue reading

10 Facts You May Not Know About Italy

The * Grazie * Girl *

Whenever I click on a link about things to do in Italy, the list, 99% of the time, is pretty obvious. And also the suggestions on the list are things people have done already. For example, one recent list I read suggested visiting the Roman Colosseum in Rome and the Duomo in Florence. Really?

The following list is a little different, and offers some general information not commonly known. I’ve provided the general list here, and below you will find the link to the details about the items on the list, published originally by LifeinItaly.com.

imagePhoto courtesy of Life in Italy.

  1. Italy has the highest number of beaches in Europe.
  2. Italy is a highly biodiverse place
  3. Italy has the highest number of UNESCO sites in the world.
  4. Prehistorical Italy is very special.
  5. Italians don’t have babies.
  6. In Italy, unemployment is among the highest in Europe.
  7. Italy has a pretty…

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You can change your life

You have heard this phrase so many times it kinda lost its meaning. I never thought I had that power.

When I was preparing for my trip my friends kept telling me “I have to get out of here” “I want to do that too, I want to travel and be free”. And my answer is always the same: What are you waiting for?

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To come back

I never felt that desperation for not wanting to leave a place. I cried the whole flight back.

I found my place in the world, and I did not want to leave it for a second. The one and only… My Rome

I had to come back to New Orleans to organize my life. How to pick up the ruins of an old life after a life changing experience? How to go back? Continue reading

How traveling alone changed my beliefs

Like everything else in life, it all started with a decision. We want something.

My “something” started many years ago, I cant even say when exactly. But I was very young. I wanted to travel. To see every country, city and landscape of this wonderful world. I had a big map in my bedroom wall, I would spend hours imagining my itinerary.

Travel is my passion. And I love to travel alone. Here is why:  Continue reading