LOVE yourself more

Remember that person who’s needs you set aside? the one you take care of last, the one that you don’t worry about because you are worrying/loving/looking at the others? Yes that person, yourself. Continue reading


I am so tired of racism

Before coming to the U.S. I didn’t know there was a “difference” between white and black Americans. I thought everybody was the same, as in my country. I have to admit that in Argentina people make racist comments about other nationalities that immigrated to our country and are pretty much everywhere, something we weren’t used to until some years ago. When the economies of other countries of Latin America started to crumble down even more than before, many immigrated into Argentina, that still is one of the few South-American countries with a good life style. These people looked for a better life in my country.

Living in the U.S. I learned what racism is. I was called a “Mexican” many times. For me that nationality does NOT have, in any way, a negative connotation. However it was meant as an insult.

Mexico was the territory where the Mayas lived, one of the biggest civilization of the ancient world in this continent, like the Aztecs and Incas. This civilization reached a level of knowledge and skills that many of modern people lack. Mexico is a beautiful country, rich with culture, flavor, sounds, heavenly beaches and amazing people.

So for me, Mexico always was a wonderful place and never thought that to be called a “Mexican” was a negative thing. However, the ignorance of certain people in the U.S. made them believe that ALL countries of Central and South America are equal/same as Mexico. Unfortunately, the capacity of understanding of some people is very limited, and the rest of us just need to understand that they cannot comprehend the diversity and richness of the Latin Culture.

Latin America (Central and South America) is the most amazing continent in the world. The passion of our people is like any other. The beauty of our lands surpass any understanding, we have absolutely everything God meant for a paradise. Each country has its own soul. The food of my country does not has any flavor that relates to Mexican food (which I LOVE), Peruvian food has absolutely nothing to do with Uruguay’s food, etc… We do relate in many things, we have one essence, we are ONE Latin America, but at the same time we are so different. And this greatness needs to be respected and honored, by us, Latin Americans and by other cultures.

I love this country, I have always felt special about the U.S. But when I arrived and saw the huge social problem this country has, it broke my heart. This country is just one country because the constitution says so, but in reality is separate states living in a share territory. The division of its people is huge. unfortunately, racism still present, is part of who some people are. You CANNOT delete your story, you CANNOT denied your past. This country has one of the scariest histories of the world, this country has tortured and murdered and humiliated so many Africans slaves that it is impossible to know a concrete number. The founders of this country talked about civil rights while they have slaves themselves. How much hypocrisy exists in this world?

The good thing is that those times are behind. We cannot forget,  we can only forgive. And we can change. The laws changed, but the minds of some people didn’t.

Life is so much bigger than the color of our skin. Don’t you realize that we all are going to die one day and we all are going to be the same to the eyes of God? Don’t you realize you are NOT better or worse than the human next to you? That other human was given a different journey, another body, another skin color, but that human has a SOUL like yours. That soul can be at a higher level, or at a lower level. Depends on ourselves. Our souls can grow and get higher, by the way we treat others.

Nothing even matters. It does not matter how many pair of shoes you have. What type of car you drive. Where do you live. Where do you go out to eat. IT DOES NOT EVEN MATTER. The only thing that matters in this life is LOVE. And racism is the opposite of Love. Racism is fear. Fear of feeling less than another human, but by lowering another person you are already less than them. We are not less or more than others. We are not more or less important. We are meant to be equals. Why can’t you see that? Don’t you know that we all have different journeys? Don’t you know we all have lessons to learn? We all came to this world the same way and we all are going to die one day, and what you do in between to you and to others is what matters. Love. Just Love yourself and others.

To see racism is the most heartbreaking thing for me. It is the most unreasonable thing I can think about it. Why do we create differences between us?