Welcome to Amsterdam

My new life in Amsterdam is the complete opposite of what my life in Rome was.

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My brand new life

As many  of you know I started my trip in April this year, but the truth is I started it many years ago, when I was just a kid with big dreams of travel. I left my office job, my nice apartment in a small comfortably well-known city in the US to go on a one way trip.

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Get the life you want

You have heard this phrase so many times it kinda lost its meaning. I never thought I had that power.

When I was preparing for my trip my friends kept telling me “I have to get out of here” “I want to do that too, I want to travel and be free”. And my answer is always the same: What are you waiting for?

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How traveling alone changed my beliefs

Like everything else in life, it all started with a decision. We want something.

My “something” started many years ago, I cant even say when exactly. But I was very young. I wanted to travel. To see every country, city and landscape of this wonderful world. I had a big map in my bedroom wall, I would spend hours imagining my itinerary.

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