It’s time to talk about inequality

Today I came by a Ted Talk a young man from Cameroon in Spain. Sani Ladan tells his story, similar to that one of many others, crude and difficult. He left his home at a very young age and travel an odyssey in search for a better future. Following, as he explains: his dreams. Continue reading

Finally… Amsterdam

I have been living in the Dutch Capital for three short months. It’s been super intense, it’s been fast and it feels like it was just 2 days. There is so much going on, there is so much to see and learn.

The history of the city is everywhere, but here time has moved on. And it has became one of the most modern and advances places in our world.

After some time in Amsterdam I got to know only a tiny part of the interesting places to see… But its a start and here I share them with you. Continue reading

Roma to Ljubljana, Zagreb and Vienna by train

My favorite way to see this wonderful continent is by train. For me there is no better way of living travels. Landscapes passing one after the other, from a safe and comfortable train. With no restriction on baggage weight. In the era of everything rushed and fast, train travel gives you time. “Slow” train travel it is a privilege during these “fast times”.

Here I share my experience traveling from the everlasting Roma passing through the incredible magical Ljubljana in Slovenia, arrive to the dream come true that is Zagreb in Croatia and end this train adventure in Imperial Vienna.

I call this a fantastic way of starting this fantastic new year 🙂

Grab a good book, bring yourself snacks and drinks and enjoy the scene Continue reading