Resumen de mi Euro-Viaje 2016

Países: 10

Ciudades: 24

Estados Independientes: 1

Horas de tren: Infinidad

Amigos: Muchos

Panini: Incontables

Pizza: Todas

Vino: Demasiado

Airbnb: 10 maravillosos Hosts

No exagero cuando digo que este viaje me cambio la vida.  Continue reading

How traveling alone changed my beliefs

Like everything else in life, it all started with a decision. We want something.

My “something” started many years ago, I cant even say when exactly. But I was very young. I wanted to travel. To see every country, city and landscape of this wonderful world. I had a big map in my bedroom wall, I would spend hours imagining my itinerary.

Travel is my passion. And I love to travel alone. Here is why:  Continue reading

Budapest, its baths and magic

Budapest can be described in many ways. Separated by the Danube both sides, Buda and Pest, are a pot of mysteries, magic, music, food and culture. The Hungarian Capital has so many faces. It is a mysterious imperial city from the medieval times, a metaphorical settling with dragons and mystical atmosphere. Continue reading

The Marvelous Five: Cinque Terre

You had heard about the spectacular views that these five towns in the Mediterranean Coast of Italy offer. But when you actually arrive, nothing you ever heard, seen or imagined can compare to the greatness of these places.
Italy is one of the most blessed countries of the world. It is formed by amazing landscapes and true flavors, rich history and passionate people.

The Cinque Terre are: Riomaggiore (#1), Manarola (#2), Corniglia (#3), Vernazza (#4) and Monterosso (#5).

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The real fairytale: Salzburg, Austria

Once upon a time, in a certain peculiar hotel down in the bayou, I met the most special person in the world. This person became a pillar in my life, who many times gave me the strength I didn’t have, and who knew me more than I knew myself. This person is magical, and so is the place she came from.

To arrive to the area of her birthplace, is to get to know my friend again. And this friend is not one you can find anywhere, only at a special place like this.
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