Journal of a Journey: Day … What day it is?

Morocco means where the sun sets. America to the West, Asia to the East, the rest of Africa to the South and Europe in the North. Morocco is the center of the world. Morocco is the center of life. Continue reading

Magical Ljubljana

For a while I had a special interest for this city. It sounded so exotic for me… Maybe because I had trouble pronouncing the name, maybe because magic exist here after all.

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ALWAYS chose your dreams

I had a great job offer a couple of weeks ago. It implied that I quit my dream to leave in a few months to travel the world. A dream I have since I can remember, since I’m a child and felt curious about other places.

I got to this crossroad. On one side my career, great payment, opportunity to apply what I have studied… On the other, the dream and reason of my life. What I’ve been looking forward to for years. Continue reading