Let fear be the fuel

Make your dreams your reality. It only take a shift in your thoughts, redirect your energy into what you want.  Continue reading

How traveling alone changed my beliefs

Like everything else in life, it all started with a decision. We want something.

My “something” started many years ago, I cant even say when exactly. But I was very young. I wanted to travel. To see every country, city and landscape of this wonderful world. I had a big map in my bedroom wall, I would spend hours imagining my itinerary.

Travel is my passion. And I love to travel alone. Here is why:  Continue reading

ALWAYS chose your dreams

I had a great job offer a couple of weeks ago. It implied that I quit my dream to leave in a few months to travel the world. A dream I have since I can remember, since I’m a child and felt curious about other places.

I got to this crossroad. On one side my career, great payment, opportunity to apply what I have studied… On the other, the dream and reason of my life. What I’ve been looking forward to for years. Continue reading