Let fear be the fuel

Make your dreams your reality. It only take a shift in your thoughts, redirect your energy into what you want.  Continue reading

Overcoming failed relationships

All relationships begin with us, all of them. The relationship that we have with ourself is the base where all the others build from. If our grounds are not stable nothing else will be. The only relationship you must be working on is the one with yourself. This is not some Carrie Bradshaw/ SATC cliché, this is a simple truth that costed me years of learning experiences.

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Time to let go

Time to let go. Take the step. Affront the risk. Listen to the call. You must take the step. Go forward. Fear not.

Accept your mistakes. Those are part of the learning process. Those where just rocks on the road, but they are not meant to be carry down the road with you. Let them be what they are, let them go.

See yourself as what you are, the center of the universe. Yes, you are the center of your universe. People come and go, situations arise and pass, nothing last forever. Not even the worst pain, nor the happiest moment.

Do not disconnect with your essence, that is where you will find yourself, and true happiness.

You can keep going, you can go through this. All that is part of your reality is there because is meant to. You are meant to go through all this, believe that there is a reason after every step you take in life. And at the same time you are choosing that path. Be your best friend, forgive yourself, accept yourself, your flaws and strengths. Love yourself more than anything. You, more than anybody else deserve all the love you freely give to others.

Merry Christmas!

Get Unstuck

How long can we hold on to something we know is hurting us? Something that we know does not belong in our lives.

That something that takes value from you, that doesn’t help your grow and develop into a much better person, to reach your goals. That might be someone, or a job or a habit. How long can you stand it? Continue reading